About JIA Matters

JIA Matters was started in 2017 by a JIA Mum in London who wanted to help other JIA families connect with each other and with the support that exists for them. She believed that families should not have to live an isolated life with JIA: she knew there must be JIA families in most towns and cities living alongside each other without knowing it. She felt that children with JIA could gain real benefits from meeting each other, that parents could get comfort from sharing their journeys with others in their local area and that siblings should be included.

JIA Matters relies entirely on a team of volunteers: the local area reps are all parents of children with JIA or other rheumatological conditions. They give up their time to support others, to arrange meet ups and to help families link up with any relevant research or events. Together they form a network of parents across England and Wales who have strong connections to other similar organisations and charities across the UK and Europe.

To commemorate the first ever WORD day (WOrld young Rheumatic Disease day) on 18/3/19, JIA Matters became incorporated with the charity CCAA – Kids With Arthritis! This exciting joint venture means we can better support families and through fund raising, can start to hold more local events for families.


  • JIA Matters does not offer any medical advice – parents should always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider with any questions they have regarding any medical condition.
  • JIA Matters has been founded by parent volunteers and is a voluntary group. When attending get togethers arranged by JIA Matters volunteers, children remain the responsibility of their parents/carers at all times and must always be appropriately supervised.
  • Please note that all opinions/advice given on any JIA Matters Facebook groups, or in discussions at any JIA Matters get togethers, or on the telephone with a JIA Matters rep, are those of the person giving them and not those of a medical professional.
  • JIA Matters Facebook groups must be used with respect for others and with understanding that any comments posted are private and not to be shared outside the groups. We do not allow ‘naming and shaming’ of health professionals, abusive comments, advertising or spam etc We reserve the right to delete any comments that contravene these rules.